My name is Thurmond Moore III and I am the list operator. You may contact me directly at .
I am a member of the AFMS and SCFMS through the Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society based in
Lubbock, Texas. I am also a member of the International Gem Society and The Texas Faceters Guild.

This list was begun as a replacement for Hale Sweeny's Lapidary Digest which has ceased
distribution. The original Lapidary Digest Archives can be found at .

This Lapidary Arts and Faceters List will focus on the lapidary arts, jewelry, equipment, rockhounding,
prospecting, materials, etc. of any nature from A to Z . I am fairly new to the lapidary field
and consequently many topics covered on this list may be old hat for the experienced
lapidary. We need that experience and knowledge to learn and keep the art alive for many
more generations so if you are a seasoned lapidary please share your experience with us.

If the cutting of faceted gems is your interest, You have come to the right place.
Faceting is spoken here by over 800 persons.

Jewelry interests are also well covered in both the newsgroup: and the
Orchid mailing list.

The list will usually be sent once a Day, and only in digest form. Occasionally I will be
away for a week or more and the list will not be sent during this time.

The rules for the list are simple but firm:

1. Stay on topic. -- only lapidary related topics. I know it may be hard sometimes to
know whether your topic has strayed too far from the object of the list, but try to stay
as close to the list objectives as possible.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMES - Flaming or overly argumentative or abusive material is
inappropriate, and will not be posted or may be cause for the list owner to restrict or
drop the subscriptions of those who abuse the list.

3. Respect other list members by restricting your language and watching your manners.
There could be youngsters on the list and we must respect others' right not to hear
profanity. Likewise, we will follow common Netiquette rules.

4. The software only handles ASCII text. (at this time) DO NOT sent attachments, photos,
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Swapping/selling/buying are encouraged, but don't send a big list. If you have a long
list, just send a message to the group that you have such a list, and they can e-mail
you for a copy.

Dealers and commercial entities are encouraged to participate--we can learn a lot from
you, and that's what this is all

Signature messages are restricted to five lines.

Newcomers to the list are requested to send in a short BIO-- tell us who you are, what
your Lapidary interests are, how long you've been doing lapidary, what kind of equipment
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